Crypto traders shift their focus to altcoins


Despite their reputation for dramatic swings, cryptocurrencies these days are often rather stable.

Bitcoin is less erratic than equities since it is humming along near its $20,000 resistance level.

Bitcoin's volatility has been at a record low for a long time and is presently at 19.65%.

The volume of bitcoin traded has also decreased during the past month, falling from $50 billion to $14 billion.

When the U.S. stock market has been highly turbulent, Bitcoin's volatility is often low.

Volatility is a gauge of how much an asset's price has fluctuated upwards or downwards over time.

Cryptocurrencies, which are notorious for their wild swings, are really rather steady at the moment since Bitcoin is less erratic than equities because it is anchored around its $20,000 barrier level.