Cryptocurrency price of top gain crypto


Over the past 24 hours, Ripple, Solana, Avalanche, and Cardano have also experienced growth.

1 blockchain tokens

Both the native cryptocurrencies of Polkadot and Polygon, DOT and MATIC, showed signs of growth.

Polkadot and Polygon

Dogecoin is up 2.38 percent, while Shiba Inu, a joke cryptocurrency, is up 6.01 percent in the same day.


Stablecoins did not show much volatility and remained pegged to $1.


Over the past 24 hours, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and BNB have all gained value.

Bitcoin is trading at $19,849 and is up by 4.01 per cent. It currently holds a 40.39 percent domination.


The native token of the Ethereum blockchain increased by 2.83 percent and is now trading at $1,329.