LUNC Core Developer’s Re-Peg Proposal Drives Terra Classic USD


The USTC re-peg proposal from Zaradar is now available.

Notably, the core developer has chosen the route of Quantitative Tightening in his proposal to reinstate the dollar peg of the defunct stablecoin.

Vegas, one of the most well-known figures in the Terra Classic community and a creator of the game, has backed Zaradar's suggestion wholeheartedly.

According to the developer, the LUNC neighbourhood is not under danger from Zaradar's plan.

Alex Forshaw, the creator of a rival re-peg plan that first encountered strong opposition from the community since it sought to mint additional LUNC,

On the other side, Classy Crypto, one of the most powerful members of the community, said it was the greatest re-peg proposal he had ever seen.

It's important to remember that Forshaw and Zaradar engaged in a contentious online discussion last week over whether it was appropriate to print additional LUNC in order to re-peg USTC.